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Grammy Pong

OK, here’s the deal.  I’m horrible at predicting anything.  Like, at the beginning of this year’s football season, I predicted that Detroit Lions would win the Superbowl.  Not good.  So, I’m always trying to find new ways to make predictions and this year’s Grammy Awards are no different. 

It's Weather People's Day

The TV station Weather Anchor,’s a job that sometimes really sucks!  If the weathers bad it’s your fault.  If the weather was supposed to be good and it isn’t…it’s all your fault.  If you’re right in your forecast you’re a hero, but if you’re wrong…you’re the worst person on earth.  Here’s to the men and women in Nashville who - day in and day out - do their best to giv

He's no doll, he's an action figure man.

49 years ago today, G.I. Joe was introduced (that’s the same year the 1st Mustang was made) and since then kids have been kickin’ enemy butt.  This dude was a total bad-ass.  At one point G.I.

Meet Banner - One of Moose's Pooches

OK, let me introduce you to “Banner.” He’s a 5 year-old Welsh Corgi mix and a special dog there at A New Leash on Life.  You might remember hearing about Operation Freedom Dogs Rescue la

That was a really, Really Good Movie

"I'm just so proud you learned to play the guitar so good...without even having the sense of smell" - Ma Cox

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Help find Moose’s Pooches a New Home

OK, I have a confession to make….I love Doggies.  I really do. And doggies love me!  But unfortunatly there are a lot of pups out there that could use a great place to call home.  And that's where I hope to come in. 

Have Mercy, It's Wolfman Jack!

Today would have been Wolfman Jack's 75 birthday.  Why would anybody from JACK-fm celebrate a famous DJs Birthday? No, it's not because part of his name is JACK.  Truth is, if all of the DJ’s that are on the air now were anything like the Wolfman…there wouldn’t be JACK-fm. 

Happy Birthday Haddaway

Who the heck is Haddaway? 

Bikes or Bust Thank You Notes

Hey folks, since I’m short on my voice again this year, I just want to write at thank you note to say “thanks”  to everyone who donated at this past weekend’s Bikes or Bust.   From last Friday to Monday we camped out at the Cool Springs Galleria parking lot collecting bike for the <a href="http://nashville-tn.

Bikes or Bust! Starts Tomorrow

Let me talk to you on a serious note for a moment.  Tomorrow starts  JACK’s biggest charity event of the year; Bikes or Bust.  This is where we ask you to donate a bike, or cash, for a needy child this Christmas.  

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