#15 of the 25 Worst Christmas Songs...Ever

Hey Look!  It's Daisy Duke!

If you haven’t noticed yet, JACK-fm doesn’t play any Holiday tunes.  Why?  Are we a bunch of Scrooges?  Are we a bunch of Grinch’s? Nah, we know Christmas music is everywhere you go now.  You almost can’t escape it.  So, as we get closer to the Santa’s Big Day, I’ll countdown the songs that put more of a Bah-Humbug in the Holidays.

15. Little Drummer Boy - Jessica and Ashlee Simpson

OK, the Little Drummer Boy can be a little monotonous on it’s own.  Add the fact that there are over 70 versions of this song (From RuPaul to Kenny G), and you have a good chance one of them is going to be on the 25 Worst Christmas Songs….Ever. OK, now take Bing Crosby & David Bowie, and replace them with a pair of sisters; one a football jinxer and the other famous lip-syncer,...its pure Merry Misery! (Also, did I hear a Pa Rum Pa PLUM PLUM in there too?)  Don’t believe me?  Compare it to some of the best versions of this song like from Faith Hill or Bob Seger. Homer Simpson can carry a tune better…well, sometimes

Tomorrow we go old school, before they even said “Old School”

The 25 Worst Christmas Songs….Ever.
25. Christmas Tree – Lady Gaga
24. Blue Christmas – Porky Pig (aka Mark McCollum)
23. 8 Days of Christmas – Destiny’s Child
22. Last Christmas – Wham!
21. The Christmas Song – Alvin & The Chipmunks
20. Mele Kalikimaka - Jimmy Buffet
19. Hey Santa – Carnie & Wendy Wilson
18. Oh Come All Ye Faithful – Twisted Sister
17. Santa Baby - Madonna
16. Macarena Christmas - Los Del Rio
15. Little Drummer Boy - Jessica & Ashlee Simpson

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Macarena Christmas

I had no idea until now that there was such a thing as Macarena Christmas -- now I realize why this was the case. Brutal!