2012 Olympic Greatness

Man, I can’t believe the 2012 London Olympics are almost over. What am I going to watch on TV at work now?  Still, there are a lot of things that made us laugh, scratch our head, as well as some obscenely awesome moments.  One question I can never answer is; how did Trampoline or Badminton ever make the cut as an Olympic sport?  Unless skipped that day in Olympic History class, I’m not sure the folks in Greece we’re doing that stuff back in the day. 

Heck, maybe Cornhole or Bowling will be next?  Anyhow, here are some things I found on the web that we’ll always remember from the 2012 London Olympics:

Mr. Bean Goofin’ on the Opening Ceremony

Michael Phelps’ Medal Surplus

Dong Dong?  Hilarious Olympic Names

Hard-to-watch Olympic FAIL's

The Ryan Lochte Saga

And lets not forget Ryan's Mama spilling the beans

In 2016, they should give medals for Funny Faces

NBC’s Olympic Coverage finest moment

Apparently, there’s P in the Olympic Pool

Even more funny faces

What was your favorite Olympic Moment?