The 25 Worst Christmas Songs...Ever

Nothin' say Merry Christmas like Lady Gaga

'Tis the season for us to be smothered by Holiday Jams.  Truth be told this is my favorite time of the year.  Still there are some songs that make me cringe around Christmas.  So, everyday through Christmas Eve I'll be featuring the 25 Worst Christmas Songs...ever.  Let's get this Christmas Party started...

25. Christmas Tree – Lady Gaga

This song (just released in 2008) was available as a “download only” song, and I can see why.  First I totally get it, Lady Gaga wanted to put out a “Sexy” Christmas song.  Well, she didn’t, and she doesn’t need to try again either.  Second, it’s suppose to be a mix of Deck the Halls & the Little Drummer Boy, but I’m having a hard time picturing this song being sung by carolers at anyone’s door...ever.  The repetitious Gaga like beats and yelps get on your nerves pretty quick, but I think it’s the lyrics “light me up, put me on top” and “my Christmas tree’s delicious” that helped make this Holiday Un-Favorite on the 25 Worst Christmas Songs...ever.  Gross!

BTW – It’s included in this years Now! That’s What I Call Christmas Vol. 4.  Yippy!

Tomorrow: it's a remade classic, remade badly that is.

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That is AWFUL!  Never heard it before, and hope to never hear it again!