28 years of Fast Times

28 years of Fast Times

On this day in 1982, Fast Times at Ridgemont High debuted on the big screen. I’m guessing if you were headed to that movie back in the day….you were probably ridin’ in your Pontiac Phoenix (Or equally sweet Buick Regal), you were cranking the Eye of the Tiger, and about to pick up someone who you described as “Foxy”.

Based on everything I learned from the movie, it HAS to be a classic.  Plus, all the things I learned too. Like, how to dream big from Jeff Spicoli, how to handle customers by Brad Hamilton, Mike Demone’s life lessons, Mr. Hand’s classroom rules, and then there was Phoebe Cates. Whoa. Anyway, if in the past 28 years you haven’t seen this flick…I would Netflix it this weekend. Think of it as American Pie, but better.  And remember whenever you go to make out with a girl, put on side one of Led Zeppelin 4

Jeff Spicoli at his best

Oh, before I forget, tonight is the last night to let us film you doing your own Corona Video. We’ll be a REBAR in MidTown from 7-10pm. Could be a trip to Cancun in it for ya. And Happy Friday the 13th too.

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