4th of July's over, now what?

That is the sexiest thing I've ever put on a blog

Yep, it took me about a week to realize that the 4th of July is pretty much the last holiday until Halloween.  (Sorry, I don’t count Labor Day.  How fun can a holiday be with the word 'labor'?) So, while goofin’ off on-line, er...working on important radio type stuff...I ran across these upcoming holidays.  Enjoy!

July 13th – Embrace your Geekness Day
Yes, a day where Star Wars & Star Trekkies can co-exist.  Geeks like me can get all Stuart Smalley and feel good about ourselves.  Good looking people do your part on this sacred holiday, if you see a geek, go give him/her a great big hug!  

July 14th – National Hot Dog Day
YES!  Weiner Day rules!  Whether it’s an all beef beauty, or a mash up of meats you never want to know the origin of, days like this rule.  Hit up your favorite hot dog joint/stand or create your own foot-long chili monster and go all Kobayashi on your favorite dog.  

July 17 – National Ice Cream Day
(Another food day? Works for me!)  Even mute people scream for ice cream!  In case you’re wondering, this isn’t why we’re doing the whole Lactose Intolerance Intolerance Tour.  We just thought that giving away ice cream during the hottest month of the year would be cool, plus we have an ice cream truck.  (Oh, see where we’re going next.)  

July 23rd – Gorgeous Grandma Day
Heck yes, Gorgeous Grandma’s need love too!  Help Gorgeous Grandma across the street, take her to bingo, mow her yard, buy her a Big Mac, and take her to a rave...whatever.  All grandmas are gorgeous, so be nice to everyone you see.  I think I’m going to take my Gorgeous Grandma to Holiday World.  

July 24th – Tell and Old Joke Day
Ok, this holiday will get old quick.  So hurry up and get your “This dude walks into a bar” joke in as soon as possible.
July 30th – Cheesecake Day
Finally, a holiday for the world’s best food EVER!  Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry, it-doesn’t-matter-berry...cheesecake is awesome.  Picture yourself passed out in a hammock cradling a half eaten cheesecake…yeppers, that’s how I see it.