Today many of you remember the moment of what you were doing, or where you where when you heard about the attacks on 9/11/01. After the dust settled that day, the stories of heroism stirred me the most. From the firefighters/police officers rushing into the Twin Towers to save more lives, to the brave men and women on Flight 93, even the volunteers working tirelessly doing the search and rescue for weeks without stopping. It's pretty crazy to think that all the events happened 8 years ago now.

Well, I know your facebooks/twitters/and myspaces are going to be filled up with personal thoughts from your friends and relatives today. I just thought I'd pass along a few of the memorial websites for you to check out and remember those lost.

The Twin towers memorial website.

The Washington-Post's Virtual Pentagon Memorial Website

Pennsylvania Memorial Website

And here's a link to some 9/11 events happening in Nashville today. Thanks Tennessean.

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