Aaaahhhhhhh, Lick It Up!

Assistant Manager Simmons

Hey did you see the 'Tongue For Tickets' (above left) on this here JACK website? Basically, sticking your tongue out could win Front Row seats to KISS, and send you backstage to meet Buckcherry. Just take a picture of yourself sticking your tongue out and send it to us. Our Website peeps will post the best ones up and let you vote on them starting the 21st.

So get them in before then. The KISS/Buckcherry show is Wednesday, October 28, at 7pm. Tickets are still on sale.

Oh, you don't have to put makeup on, I just thought it would spice my pic up a little bit.

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Tongue winner....

Yup - we are all waiting to see who won!

Sorry it took sooo long....

to get the winner stuff up yesterday. I was raking the leaves outside for the station. Congrats to our winners!

Who won?

I think the contest is over. Will the winner be posted on the site and when? I had a friend that was in the contest and I'm dying to know who won.