American Idol's new judge is

The greatest American Idol udge of all time!

First off, let me say that it’s pretty darn cool that a national show like American Idol is in Nashville this weekend to “find the next American Idol Superstar,” but is the show that watchable anymore?  Last year, I was soo bored with the first couple episodes that I nearly converted to Dancing with the Stars.  And now that the show is losing its most entertaining part, Simon Cowell, it might die a horrible death.  So, whomever they pick this year as judge #4 could make or break the show.  (I know that doesn’t sound like much of an opinion coming from an Assistant Manager :))

Anyhow, here’s a list of folks they could pick that would entice me to watch at least a couple episodes next year.
Mike Tyson
He could totally punch out the horrible singers.  “He‘s still got it”
Yep, the girl from The Apprentice.  She’s a bad ass.
Andy from the Office
Ya know the guy that was missing a tooth in the Hangover  He’s funny.
Yes, from the TV show Dexter dude.  Think about it…..
Jesse James
Not the old west Jesse James, the cheating on Sandra Bullock Jesse James.  He might need the gig.
I don’t care if her biceps are bigger than mine, I still have a crush on her since the 5th grade.
Two words = Chewie Rules!
Adam Ant
Why?  Because he’s freakin Adam Ant!
Steven Tyler
He’s so off his rocker these days, it’s bound to be good TV.   
Mel Gibson
Isn’t it obvious?
Justin Bieber
I was thinking one of the crazies from the audition phase might jump up and scissor kick him in the temple.
I would have mentioned more folks like Stiffler, The Ladies Man Leon Phelps, or Marky Mark in this list too but they are way too cool for this.  Do you have anybody in mind that would be a good 4th judge?  Comment Below.

I better get going, we have Free Trip Fridays tonight in Franklin.
BTW - Here's Simon at his best.

And, one more at my American Idol best.