Assistant Manager Zombie


I was goofing around on the internet again this weekend and found this site for the new movie "Zombieland" that's coming out on the 15th of October. Woody Harrelson, Jules from Superbad, and that girl from Little Miss Sunshine is in it too. (I heard Bill Murray was in the movie somewhere as well) Well they have a website to promote the movie where you can "Zombify" yourself. I did one of myself for example.

Check it out! Zobmify Yourself Here

Reply back with your pics, and I'll put them on the website.

BTW, “The Nashville Zombie Walk" happens next weekend on Saturday (4pm, Sept 19th at the Riverfront). If you go to Muse after the walk, JACK-fm Ordinary Listener of the Week alumni Dr. Gangrene holds his Horror Hootenanny there. Zombies get in for 3 bucks. I'm not sure if I can go again this year yet, but I had a blast last year. The pics are somewhere on this website.

OK, gotta run.