....back to work.

...their lips had to be sore.

Yep, back to the work weeks that includes 5 whole days. Seems like in that last month of the year, with all the holidays and such, the work weeks are cut down to 4 sometimes 3 days!.which I have absolutely no complaints for. OK, I haven't been on here since JACK's Totally 80's New Years Eve Bash so I thought I'd catch up. That was one-fun-party. Thanks to the tunes from Max Headroom, the sweet food/beverages from The Standard and the good times listeners brought with them. (I got a chance to meet and talk to several!er yell over the tunes at.)

Some things that stood out from the night include: the hilarious 80's outfits, how cool everyone was, and who could forget that couple in the corner making out the whole night. I have no idea who they were, but they were in that corner of the front bar kissing for at least 2 hours. Um, no I'm not kidding. If you were there you know what/who I'm talking about. (See picture to the right). Anyhow, it was a blast and the word at this mornings JACK staff meeting is that there will surely be another one. (We might wanna start next year's party earlier for that couple.) Alright, time for me to get back to work.


Oh, there are a lot more pics of the night somewhere on this website too.