Beatles Rock Band is out today!

and on lead guitar.......

Ok, so lately I have been totally guilty of falling for the game apps on facebook. Someone around the office (not Marty) got me hooked on one in particular. It's called Bejeweled Blitz. This game is the devil. It's kinda like Tetris!.but really it's not. Just looking at this game you get the feeling it's not the manliest thing either, but I got hooked on it like I was Amy Whinehouse and crack.

Anyway, to get to my point!the new Rock Band game is out and it's all about the Fab 4. The Beatles Rock Band! It looks pretty cool. You get The Beatles instruments and everything. It beats that silly little jewel matching game for sure. We don't have the Beatles Rock Band at the station yet, but you can play a little guitar hero with us. We'll take it out with us again at Harris Teeter in the Belle Meade Shopping plaza on the 19th. Ok, that's all. I have other junk to do.