Bike 2 Jack & Back

Bike 2 Jack & Back

Ok, after getting 3 different people to wake me up this morning at 5:30am, I headed out to meet Nicki and Sean (some of our JACK-fm peeps) at the radio station. Yes, I said 5:30am on a Saturday morning. Anyway, we were asked to meet up with over 1,000 other cyclist at Paige High School to ride this morning for the National MS society. I fully intended to up date this blog more today, but after you read the following you'll know why.

Ok after getting my number (236..only 700 off from 963), and a few announcements, everyone head out on their bicycles. We could pick our own route to Lynchburg, TN. The long one (80 miles) or the short one (60 miles). I chose option 3. Ride till I ether run out of time, or ride till I completely pass out.

The start of the ride was nothing but hills!OUCH! But it wasn't long before the smell of burning bones went away. Then came the downhill's!yeah baby. It felt like I was doing 80mph down those babies.

I ended up going for about 8.8 miles before I ran out of time. The radio station needed to be at the Motlow Community College campus where the finish line is by 10am. This took longer because with a snafu in directions (I won't mention any names) we ended up going to the wrong Motlow Community College campus. Instead of Tullahoma, we went to Smyrna.

Oh well, we're here now welcoming back the riders, cheering them in to the finish line. These guys and gals deserve a huge standing O. Before we left this morning they had already raised over 400,000 for the National MS society. That is awesome.

More pics/video to come

Oh, and thanks to Michelle and Scott at Trace Bikes of Nashville for lending me the wheels. Those two rode the 80 mile course.