Bikes or Bust! Starts Tomorrow

Let me talk to you on a serious note for a moment.  Tomorrow starts  JACK’s biggest charity event of the year; Bikes or Bust.  This is where we ask you to donate a bike, or cash, for a needy child this Christmas.  

Do you remember learning to ride a bike for the first time?  For most, its memory of their childhood they’ll always remember.  I can still see my first bike.  My parents got me this sparkly purple bike with a huge silver banana seat.  Flashy huh?  The day I took the training wheels off is a day I’ll never forget.  My parents also might tell you that I spray-painted it multiple colors including Gold and Pink, or left it behind the pick-up truck to be accidently run over.  Those stories are completely false.  Think about this; you can be responsible for a less-fortunate kids to have childhood memories like these.  

Please donate a new bicycle (or cash) to this year’s Bikes or Bust.  All bikes raised will go to the area US Marine Corp Toys for Tots.  We’ll camp out day and night at Cool Springs Galleria November 16th – the 19th in hope to raise more bikes than we did last year (154). Give a kid a holiday memory that he or she wouldn’t have without your help.  

BTW – Tomorrow morning I’ll kick off Bikes or Bust by riding a bicycle to Cool Springs Galleria starting at the Walgreens at 7am.  

Watch JACK’s facebook for Bikes or busts updates all weekend.  

Hope to see you there


PS.  Check out this monster bike, it's just my size.