Bikes or Bust Thank You Notes

Hey folks, since I’m short on my voice again this year, I just want to write at thank you note to say “thanks”  to everyone who donated at this past weekend’s Bikes or Bust.   From last Friday to Monday we camped out at the Cool Springs Galleria parking lot collecting bike for the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots program.  

This program does tremendous work to help keep the spirit alive for children all over Middle Tennessee, just like listeners did over the weekend.  I also wanted to names some names too.  These heroes made a big difference this weekend and helped us to our total of 239 bikes (over $14,000 in bikes).   .  

  • Katlynn of Franklin, KY brought us two bikes.  She actually got lost on the way but still made it.
  • Steve and his son Adam brought us a couple of bikes.  Steve told me he was so blessed, when he heard it on the air he had to come and donate.
  • Robynne of Franklin bought 6 bikes.  She told me she did it because she loves kids.  
  • Allyson and Riess brought us a pair of bikes to help share the spirit of Christmas.
  • Tiffany and Kevin brought 2 bikes.  They don’t have kids but they dentate every year to and organization of their choice.  This year they chose us.  Thanks again.  
  • Scott and the entire Ton Up British Motorcycle Club brought us 9 bikes.  Thank you so much guys.
  • Henry from Dixon gave us a couple of bikes in memory of his son Cole.
  • The employees of Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Franklin pitched in together and gave us a check for $500!
  • Bryan and Melissa  and Johnny America gave us both 2 bikes.
  • Andy Miller brought in 13 bikes on Friday.  He got together with his retired Marine buddies and his VFW hall and gave us these bikes because no child should go without Christmas.  
  • The business office at Community Health Systems dropped off $394!!!
  • Scott and Carmen gave us 5 bikes!  Its just them, they don’t have kids but you can tell they are kids at heart.  
  • And I can’t forget the employees at TSA who all chipped together and brought us 19 bikes on Monday!

As you can see, we have the coolest listeners on the planet.  And these are all the stories, there were many more over the weekend.  Thank you all so much for your generosity. May you and your fmaily have a sweet and tasty Thanksgiving.