Blue Suede Elvis Facts

35 years ago today, August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley died at the age of 42.  At least that’s what most people think.  Some still think he’s alive and well, possibly hanging out at Burger King.   No matter, every year Graceland is overrun by thousands of fans honoring the King of Rock & Roll.  Last night, as it is annually, they even held a candlelight vigil. 

It’s crazy, but since his death his legend continues to grow.  So, let’s help grow it even more.  Here’s a bunch a random things you might not have known about Elvis.  Thank ya, Thank ya very much.  

  1. Elvis had an identical twin brother, who was stillborn.
  2. When he was 15 months old, Elvis almost died in a Tupelo, Mississippi tornado.
  3. When Elvis received a guitar for his eleventh birthday, he was disappointed; he was hoping for a bike.
  4. In the eighth grade, Elvis received a “C” in music.
  5. Elvis never learned to read music.
  6. Elvis made only one appearance at the Grand Ole Opry, in October of 1954. They never invited him back.
  7. Elvis reportedly had a problem with teenage boys wanting to beat him up on his tour stops.
  8. The Cleveland Browns was Elvis’ favorite football team.
  9. Elvis’ natural hair color was blond (in his early years) and light/dirty brown; he dyed it black.
  10. Elvis dated Natalie Wood, but only for a very brief period. He said he didn't like the way she smelled.
  11. Elvis was awarded two medals while serving in the Army, one for expert marksmanship, the other for sharpshooting.
  12. Presley preferred sponge baths.
  13. Once, after receiving a kidnap/assassination threat, Elvis performed with a pistol in each boot.
  14. Elvis held a black belt in karate.
  15. Sometimes, Elvis would sign "Elvis" on a female fan's left breast and "Presley" on the right.
  16. The year before he died, Presley was prescribed about 10,000 pills.
  17. Elvis wore a cross, a star of David, and other religious symbols around his neck, explaining “I don’t want to miss out on heaven due to a technicality.”
  18. Elvis' last words (to his girlfriend Ginger Alden, who had cautioned him against falling asleep reading in the bathroom) were; "Okay, I won't."