Bonnaroo bound...almost.

Wow, do I need a tan.

Before we head out to Manchester, TN this afternoon, we have to "spread the word" to the people.  So, after 5-12 times hitting the snooze bar & waking up in an anticipated panic that I overslept, we set off the studios of FOX 17 to talk with Kelly, John, Craig and their traffic goddess Alex.  I was kinda bummed that Tennessee Morning’s regular Nick Paranjape wasn’t there to hit him with 2 or 3 golden jokes I had prepped last night.  Oh, well.  Still I was lucky enough to be seated on velvety red couch next to the very sweet Kelly Sutton.  She is so tiny that I probably looked like I was going to have her for a snack.  It really looked like Kong Kong was about to scoop up Ann Darrow and climb the sides of the Fox 17 Studios while swatting away attacking planes.   All and all it was great, thanks FOX 17 dudes!  Watch for us doin’ the Skype thing tomorrow and Friday morning too.

All the while this is happening, a couple of our Bonnaroo gang member are headed to Evansville, IN to pick up our JACK-fm RV (that our web mistress has already nicknamed "Campy"...?).  Why Evansville?  We booked the RV back in January and already all the rentable’s were gone!  Nashville, Knoxville, JACKson, TN as well as Huntsville, AL and Bowling Green, KY.   Nothing.  So our closest option was Evansville.  (They are just leaving to get back here now as a type this...hurry up fellas.)  So, quick word to the wise if you’re going to Bonnaroo next year, and you want to rent a air-conditioned RV, rent it early!    

OK, I’ll be checking in all weekend from Bonnaroo.  Oh, and make sure to sign up on out Festive Bonnaroo page (which will be stocked with pictures, vidoes & stuff soon) for your chance to win tickets next year's festival.  We better shop now for this weekend’s sustenance.

Peace Out.

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