Bonnaroo - Day 1

It is a little warm out here..still. We are headed right now to CenteRoo. I'm told that is where all the action is. Then it's off the different stages..maybe "this stage", "that stage" or maybe "the other stage." lie. Check in with you later.

Holy farmers tan batman!! We have the first video posted on 963 I want to say "Hey" to our neighbors from Ireland. The may talk different but the boys are playing beer pong right next door...that's gotta say something. Follow us on twitter at Moose out.

Have you checked the website? We have a bunch of stuff up on the website right now...we'll be posting more all the time. Oh, did you hear Jimmy Buffet will be playing Bonnaroo this year? It's true...he really is, and will play Saturday at Noon. Tonights headliner is the Zac Brown Band. Ok, the sun is finally out...time to talk to the people.

OK, made it through the security check point and made some new police like friends too. Just putting the finishing touches on the camper and about to set up the microphone to do JACKtivities. Oh, and a patchouli suppose to stink?

We left at 6am from Nashville, and it's around Noon. We are just pulling up to the front entrance. We just got hit by a huge thunderstorm. There are a lot of people walking up to the entrance with backpacks in the rain. Oh goodie, looks like we're going to be searched by the local authorities. If you are coming this way today...plan to be in line a while.