Bonnaroo - Day 2

Rested, and ready for more here at the "Roo." Hey, got to say a shout out to the neighbors from New Jersey bunking next too us. They feed me last night a delicious cheeseburger. Thanks guys. Beyond having to walk a long ways to the restroom and showers, I might have to make this a yearly thing. Oh, when you get a chance follow us on Twitter too.

What's that smell...?

Centeroo is about to open up!so hopefully I can find out when Journey's playing. We have meet some awesome folks here. Next door, the Irish Dudes tough me some Irish slang!.like your "one's and two's" are your feet, and your "skin and blister" is your sister!.who'da thought? Today I'm also thinking about getting a tattoo!seriously! Watch the videos we post later to see what I mean. Gotta run. Oh, and thanks to the ladies last night who complimented me on my tie.

Just walked for 30 minutes each way to take a I need another one after walking back in the mugginess.

Get this, they have a movie theatre here!.some of the movies they are showing include the classic feature film of Teen Wolf! Tomorrow, they are having the Big Lebowski fest on film. Later today!.Public Enemy and Phish. Oh, that reminds me, on my way to the showers I was reading my map trying to find out if Journey was going to be here!.and I was asked by 8 different festival goers "Hey man, what time does Phish come on?" They have a few fans here!and some of them (including guys) like to wear sundresses. Ok, gotta run!.have to figure out what that funky smell is.

Ok, I can fully admit!I totally forgot how storms can rock a little camper like this. (Woke up about 1am with everything shaking, almost like it was an earthquake.) Anyway, last night we took the 25 minute walk up to Centeroo!which is the center of Bonnaroo!(coincidence?), and just as we crossed the gates the rain started to pour. We tried to get some cool video, but it never stopped raining enough. We did get a couple of sweet pictures and heard a cool band called "Portugal The Man"!they rocked! Ok, a Pop Tart and off to the first mission of the day!.finding a shower!