Bonnaroo - Day 3

Bruce rocks.

Went to Centeroo today. Made a funny video about it...well, we think it's funny. Check it out. Otherwise, we sat in our camper without the benefit of airconditioning. Yep. We're babies about that kinda thing. Oh yeah, they're playing really loud at the camper next to us. Is that ironic or awesome? Springsteen's a few hours away, so we're gonna play some more flippy's a cool game, we like it a lot.

Well, even with no lights in the camper, and no A/C, this Bonnaroo thing is pretty cool. Just freshening up right now for the Bruce Springsteen show. A few bottles of water, a little soap, and deodorant and I'm good. More videos are posted!check'em out.

Oops, sorry. I have been on a quest to find rock's supergroup "Journey." Someone told me that they were added to the show!so we went looking.. Then we ran into Jimmy Buffett. See the video! Tonight, everyone around here is ready for "The Boss!" This will be the first Bruce Springsteen show I have ever seen!I'm looking forward to it. Earlier I saw the Wailing Souls and the Heartless Bastards. Despite the name, the H.B.'s were awesome. Plus, I got a reggae dance lesson. This Bonnaroo is fun fun.

Just waited in line for an hour to shower - still stink. Will try again later.

Oh, I forgot to tell ya. If you look at our pictures we posted, that blue "Ridin' in Style" truck sits right across from the showers. Yesterday they were selling Hula-Hoops!real pretty like ones. Today, he's selling "dank" rice krispies...whatever that means. Everybody is stoked about Jimmy Buffett kicking things off in a little over an hour and a half, then later tonight...Bruce Springsteen.

Ok, sure I was going to do this blog thing last night, but It was pretty late and I was lucky to find our campsite in the dark. Watched the Beastie Boys last night and they were awesome. They closed the show with Sabotage! And for the first time ever I experience the "Phish" phenom and it was!.an experience. This jam band can jam for sure...let's put it this way...they had a 3 hour set and I think they played 5 actual songs. And I've never seen so much stuff thrown around at a concert, it was crazy. OK, time to do another "JACKtivities" and then off to the showers.