Bonnaroo - Day 4

Well, Bonnaroo is coming to a close. Got the camp site all cleaned up, campers packed, and looking forward to the drive up 24 to Nashville and my own bathroom, with a shower. This trip was pretty cool, and there is no doubt I'll be doing it again next year. Before I jump in the traffic jam home, off to Centeroo for a couple songs from Phish!and a polish hot dog. Later all.

"Okie from Muskogee" baby. The Hag put on a great set in This Tent this afternoon, and so did Erykah Badu even wearing a Public Enemy hoodie on this hot day at Bonnaroo. OK, I got to go catch some of the Snoop Dogg show on the What stage.

Note to self...
Never forget again that ferris wheels make me sick. Ugh.

Man, I can't believe the weekend is nearly over. The sun is finally out just in time for the Snoops dog show. Sorry, but every time I think of Snoop!the infamous scene from the movie "Old School" comes to mind. Barely anyone has left yet around us at the camper. Special thanks to our camping neighbors from Boston and Jersey! You all are great. I heard that the TV network "FUSE" is playing the incredible Springsteen show from last night right now. Gotta go, the ferris wheel is calling my name.

Still cloudy here in the hills of Manchester, TN. Starting to think about how I miss my own bed and shower. The showers here are a little snug, but still worth the 7-bucks. Oh, a couple things from last night. First, a quick "hey" to the folks I met from Vermont, Tullahoma, and Alaska last night. On, the way back from the Bruce show I ran into some wicked performance artists in and around Centeroo. I didn't get any pictures of them, but I'm sure you'll be able to find them on the Bonnaroo website. If you are reading this from the "ROO," look me up later at the Phish show, I'll be the only one wearing a tie.

Bow wow wow - Snoop Doggie is gonna be off the chain tonizzle. Looking for stuff to do to kill time before his set.

The Boss ROCKED! Opened with "Badlands" an closed with "Dancing in the Dark" (2nd encore). Over 3 hours at the "WHAT" stage, the biggest stage here at Bonnaroo. We actually got pretty close!we'll post some picks of the show in a few. As we get close to wrapping things up today, I can't help but think that we'll have to do this again next year fo'sho!