Boo, did I scare ya?

Hey, this looks like a nice place to stay for the night.

So, where can you go to pay someone to scare the bejesus out of ya?  Tah-Dah, I can now answer that question for you.  After hitting up the Nashville Halloween Guide to find out where some of Nashville's Best Haunted Attractions were, I checked them out and gave them a little review.  Hopefully, this will totally give you a feel for them before you go yourself.  Can you tell we're pretty stoked about JACK-fm Halloween Week.  Anyhow...

Dead Land
7040 Murfreesboro Rd
Lebanon, TN
Catch Phrase - Dead Land is the place to visit this Halloween Season.

Moose says: I was really tired after walking what seemed to be 5 miles.  I was.

Death Row
418 Harding Industrial Drive
Nashville, TN
Sanitarium of Slaughter is Middle Tennessee's Largest Indoor Haunted House featuring 40,000 square feet of pure terror.

Moose says: This place gives me the creeps. It does.

Death Valley Haunted Woods
769 W Main St
Hendersonville, TN
Catch Phrase - 17th year in business and just as scary as ever.

Moose says: They have a sweet looking hearse out front.  It's so boss.

Devil's Dungeon
510 Davidson Street
Nashville, TN
Catch Phrase - Devil's Dungeon is the most controversial haunted house in Nashville.

Moose says:  I totally got lost in the maze.  I did.

Millers Thrillers Haunted Trail
2499 Green Mills Rd.
Columbia, TN
Catch Phrase – Millers Thrillers Haunted Woods is geared up for another Halloween season of scares.

Moose says:  I don’t ever want to go out in the woods alone again.  Ever.

Monster Mountain
273 McMurty Road
Hendersonville, TN
Catch Phrase - It's Vamps vs Seekers. Hunt or be hunted. This fall at Monster Mountain: VAMPS OF VENGEANCE

Moose says:  This place is on a mountain, and it has a lot of monsters in it. For Realz.

Scream Creek
1765 Martins Chapel Church Road
Springfield, TN
Catch Phrase - Scream Creek Haunted Woods is the Nashville area’s most unique outdoor haunted attraction.

Moose says:  I almost peed a little in my pants.  I almost did.


423 6th Ave South
Nashville, TN
Catch Phrase – Slaughterhouse, Nashville’s longest running haunted attraction.

Moose says: After I walked out of Slaughterhouse, I needed help finding my car.  True Story.