Boss vent #1

You know how sometimes your boss gets all upset about things that don't matter? Well, my boss did that to me yesterday, but he doesn't read the website (unless he hears that I spelled something wrong), so I'm going to vent...

He's a nice guy and all, but he told me to wear shoes to a meeting yesterday. What's the big deal about shoes?? The whole building is carpeted, so why should I have to wear shoes? IT'S JACK-FM, for goodness sake. We do what we want, play what we want, etc. Like a client really expects to see me wearing shoes. I WEAR TIES WITH SHORT-SLEEVED SHIRTS!!! Come on!!!

Vent over.

See ya

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Ditch the shoes

Shoes are so 2007. Ditch the shoes and the socks while you're at it. Get on the flip flops at work bandwagon. Makes you feel like you're always on vacation. You won't even remember you're working. If you play what you want, you should be able to wear what you want, and don't take any footwear requests from bosses.

Maybe it's...

Maybe it's not about the shoes but about the fact that your feet might smell or you have fun-guy(a fungus)???