Brain Fart for Tuesday!

no you....

Wow, we had a lot of people stop by for last night's ‘Stick-Up' in Murfreesboro. Thanks for stopping by. I even ran into an old high school classmate. Small world eh?

Anyhow, today I was thinking about this whole Conan O'Brien/Jay Leno/Tonight Show thing. Wouldn't it be weird if you're boss or employer was moving around employees where you work, and the whole world new about the changes? That would be soo strange to me. I'm sure Conan and Jay got the heads up on things before it went to press, but man!then everybody in the world knew about it. For example, what if you were a postmaster who postmastered (I think that's a word) at the Nashville Post Office, and your boss gave you an ultimatum about your position and shift? Then the next day, you could read about it in the paper, on the internet, and big dumb Assistant Managers at JACK-fm are blogging about it. Crazy Right?!

Owell! just a brain fart.

BTW! Conan O'Brien has apparently made his decision to leave The Tonight Show.

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And we care.... why?

I have long stopped caring when it comes to network decisions. Nor do I think it 'strange' or feel sorry for 'Poor Conan' and 'Poor Leno', who are both well compensated for whatever humiliation they may be feeling for being in the public spotlight for their incompetent superior's decisions and unprofessional behaviour. Leno's car collection alone could feed Africa for a year... to use a cliche.

What really ticked me off is what an idiot I was for falling for the 'Really stupid poll'. Yes, I was warned..... but somehow hopeful there'd be more to it. Way to go, JACK, I am depressed.

And yes, I can't believe you're still on the air. ;) JACK's only saving grace is that Moose looks so darn good in that Santa suit.