A bunch of Horror Movie Trailers in a row

Hands down, the scariest movie of all time!

For the most part, every possible scenario of a scary movie has been done.  Mostly.  Still, there’s a good reason to see a scary movie this month.  You know, with Halloween looming and all? (And since Randy gave us the rules on how to survive a horror movie, it’s all good right?)  BTW - JACK-fm has a huge week of Halloweenie type things going on too!  OK.  Hope you are wearing clean underwear, because these movies are about to scare the pants off you this month.

Case 39
In Theaters Now

Chain Letter
In Limited Release Now

Hatchet II
In Limited Release Now


Let Me In
In Theaters Now


I Spit on Your Grave
In Theaters Oct 8th

My Soul to Take 
In theaters Oct 8th

Paranormal Activity 2
In theaters Oct 22nd

In Limited Realease Oct 29th

Saw 3D
In theaters Oct 29th

Alright, I have plenty to do as the Assistant Manager around here so I better get to it.  Oh, and if you're looking for more Halloweenie type things to do, check out the Nashville Halloween Guide.

Don't worry, I’ll be right back.