A Bunch of Really Bad Political Ads in a Row

Today is like this election season's "Superbowl".  Unfortunately much like football, you have to wait for months before the next seaons kicks-off. (If you can't tell, I'm laying the sarcasm on pretty thick) Yep, it’s kinda a bummer tomorrow election season is over. (Sarcasm I say)  No more will we hear the "he said, she said" stuff.  No more "right wings, left wing" crap, and so on...It’s all over. 

While wasying time here at work I was thinking, "What's the best thing about the Superbowl?"  The Commercials!  So, here are some of the Worst Political Ads I could find on the web.  Enjoy them with your friends as we get ready for tonight’s Huge Election Coverage Watching Bash. :P 

This Candidate thinks he’s a Jedi

The Pooper Scooper Ad – Yuck!

Crocadile Hunter Candidate

Looks like he's peeing on people

This dude gives me the creeps

Another "pee" ad, this time on an electric fence

Give Us Your Cash, B----!

Death Metal Candidate

And of course theres our own, Basil Marceaux.com