Bye Bye Bonnaroo

Yep, only a little less than 360 days till the next trip to Manchester for Bonnaroo.  Thanks to our friends at FOX 17 for letting me help with their news coverage.  It's crazy, but they allowed me to be on TV, with a huge foam cowboy hat.  

Since this is JACK’s Mayan Summer, hopefully you didn’t hesitate to go. It's something that you'll have to experience and some thing you'll never be able to forget about (Or can't un-see)!  I'm still picking some of the smells out of my teeth.  Anyhow, if you didn’t, shame on you…and here‘s a little of what you missed:

Awesome Camping

Unlikely Musical Pairings

Interesting People?

red hot chili peppers

Waving at the Helicoptors taking the Yearly Areal Photo

Hidden Fees

Traffic Violations

Tweets and More Tweets

Killer Specials Guests

Alice Cooper

Super Jams

Also if you didn't go, you can see over 140 videos on Bonnaroo's  Youtube page or check out twitter...if it happend at Bonnaroo, I'm sure it was tweeted about. 

Crap!  The boss is starring at me I can just feel it...