Carve This Way

Well, Trick or Treat & smell my feet, it’s Halloween.  All the Candy, Costumes, Parties, Haunted Houses, make this one killer holiday.  Here’s my two cents on stuff to do around All Hallows Eve and to class it up I’m calling it my “7 blogs of Halloween”.

Let’s talk pumpkin carving.  It rules.  There are almost always sharp objects, gobs of pumpkin gunk, and toasted pumpkin seeds involved in the whole mess. But after wasting some time on the web, I found out there’s a few more ways of doing it.  So if you’re into eyeballin’ it with a kitchen knife and hoping for the best, check out these other ways of getting the job done. 

Fine Print: The JACK-fm legal department wanted me to remind you in no way are we actually endorsing/encouraging you to carve pumpkins this way.  That would be crazy.

Carve it with Power Tools

With a Laser

Do it Underwater

This is what psychopaths look like carving pumpkins

Carve it with a Gun?

Carve it up like the Muppets do…

Or sculpt it to complete Awesomeness

Comeback tomorrow for something equally Halloweenie