Clean my desk?

Clean my desk?

Yesterday, my boss came to me and politely asked me to clean my desk. Wow, I felt like I was in 5th grade again. Like when Mr. Krzyskowski busted me for picking my nose, or when my Principal Mr. Mance called me to the office for wearing my Duran Duran "Girls on Film" t-shirt.

I don't think I was hurting anyone with any of these offenses. I think they are all just jealous. Jealous that one day!.ONE DAY, I will be able to Play What I Want to on JACK-fm. It hasn't happened yet, but I was told it would. Until then, I wonder if I should tell him just how dirty his truck is the next time we go to lunch. Anyway, to prove my point, check out the picture on the right. Does that desk look dirty?

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Now mine looks clean in comparison

Johnny T
The JACK Web Guy

answeing question

Does the desk look dirty?
Does the only clear space shown, is right around your keyboard help answer your question?