Cold Hard Songs - Moose's Mixtape

Cold Hard Songs - Moose's Mixtape

OK, the current temp is 3 degrees and I had some free time here at JACK-fm, so I thought I’d put together a bunch of songs about the cold. Genius right?  Not really.  Some of these tunes don’t have anything to do with cold weather.  I probably should have put together a bunch of warm or hot “summer songs”, but that would be too much work.    Stay Cool.

Funky Cold MedinaTone Loc          “Cold coolin' at a bar and I'm lookin' for some action

She’s So ColdRolling Stones           “I dare not touch her my hand just froze

Cold As IceForeigner          “Cold, cold, as, as, ice, as cold as ice to me

Cool ChangeLittle River Band        “I know that it's time for a cool change

SnowblindStyx        “I'm snowblind, can't live without you

Cold ShotStevie Ray Vaughn         “And that's a cold shot, baby, Yeah that's a drag “

Cool It NowNew Edition     “You got to cool it now, Ooooooh watch out

Fire And IcePat Benatar     “You come on like a flame,Then you turn cold shoulder

Gone AwayOffspring          “Yeah it feels like, The world has grown cold

Ice Ice BabyVanilla Ice       “Ice Ice Baby, Ice Ice Baby

Icicle  - Tori Amos      “Icicle icicle

Stone Cold CrazyQueen      “Gotta get away from this stone cold floor

Tenth Avenue Freeze-OutBruce Springsteen        “She hit me with a tenth avenue freeze-out

Cold Hearted SnakePaula Abdul    “He's a cold-hearted snake, Look into his eyes

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