Countdown 2 Bonnaroo

I heard it's scrumptious!

Do you remember Bonnaroo last year?  Some of ya might....still, JACK-fm was there and it was a blast.  There is no way we’d miss it this time around, so let’s countdown the days. 

Only 45 Days till Bonnaroo! 

Oh, didja hear Ben & Jerry’s are jumping on board the Bonnaroo bandwagon.  They just released a new flavor called “Bonnaroo Buzz.”  It’s suppose to have real Patchouli stink in it!  OK, that's totally not true…nor is the rumor that it’ll turn you into a freeloving hippie.  Apparently the ice cream giants have always had a little stoner in them with flavors such as Cherry Garcia, Phish Food and Half Baked! Grab a spoon and check it out!

Dang, now I'm hungry.  I better go.