The Creepiest Creepy Rock Stars

The Creepiest Creepy Rock Stars

Since Halloween week is near, and I had some time to kill around the radio station, I went ahead and put together a small list of the creepiest folks that sing songs and play instruments.  Comment below if I missed any.  Enjoy.

Robert Smith (Cure)
Hey, this guy even gives his mom the creeps.

Kenny Rogers
Please bring back the Dolly Parton loving, scruffy grey bearded, “know-when-to-fold’em” Kenny Rogers.  The new plastic version gives us the Heebies…

Lady GaGa
Sure you can dress her up, but take her out to the beach for the day and…..well, its an eye opener.

Michael Jackson
Is it too soon to mention the obvious creep-a-tude of MJ?  Talent? You bet. Creepiness? Hells Yeah!

Tom Petty
Tom P. totally missed his calling to be the creepy motel desk clerk or a lonely graveyard caretaker for all the townsfolk to fear.

Dr. Teeth (Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem)
How can your trust a green dude with buggy eye’s and a shiny gold tooth?

Courtney Love
Whenever her name comes up in conversation, an immediate bad taste in your mouth follows.  Try it & you'll see.

Flavor Flav (Public Enemy)
Go ahead and say it, “Flavor Flaaaav!”  OK, now please take this dude off TV.  I don’t need to say anything here, The Comedy Central Roast of Flav said it all. 

Jimmie Moore (Wedding Singer)
“This is Jimmie Moore saying, that ain’t no sock in my crotch.”  Creepy yes, but I have never heard anyone bust out Kool & the Gang like that in a while.

Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister (Motorhead)
Just think, they say this Heavy Metal icon has slept with over 1,200 women.  Sweet Dreams.

Marilyn Manson
With or Without Make-Up, Marilyn Manson has won the award for weirdest dude ever.  EVER!

Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)
Really, what can be said?  OK, I’ll try….he looks like what nails on the chalkboard sound like.