Dead in Nashville

Sorry, didn't have time to photshop the word Nashville on this tombstone I lifted off the web.

"What ever happened to...." is a question that pops up all the time and it got me thinking to some of the neater things we have lost in Nashville.  So, to finish out my month long Blogs of Halloween Junk, here's a few things that are/aren't sadly missed.  If I forgot anything, go ahead and comment about it below.

Died in 1997.  This is always the first to be missed about Nashville’s history.  The rides weren’t really all that great, but it was there.  A sign of its demise was the addition to one ride (the Hangman, now called Kong at Six Flags California) in the parks last 10 years existence.  There isn’t a year that goes by that someone tries to protest to bring the park back. 

Yep, Jimmy Buffet in the Bridgestone Arena just doesn’t have the same feel does it?  Middle Tennessee’s only awesome outdoor concert venue died in 2007.  So what if it had soo many names, it was the best place to buy a 7 dollar beer and see Poison for the 6th or 7th time.    BTW – There are rumors of a smaller version of Starwood coming back.

Channel 4’s Speakers Corner
This quirky little feature on Channel 4 news died in 2000.  Basically, it was 3 to 5 camera booths placed around town and for a buck (I think) you could speak your mind for 30 or so seconds.  Then they’d play back the hot topics on the evening news.   I wish they would have made a DVD of all the videos that didn’t make it on the air.  Back in the day, Nashville Scenes "The Fabricator" even poked fun at it.

Nascar Café
Nowadays its called Cadillac Ranch.  Nascar Café died in 2001.  One of the first “themed” restaurants to bite the dust, and it was only open for 3 years.  If you are a huge Nascar fan you probably miss this place, but most don’t. 

328 Performance Hall
I really can’t remember when 328 closed, but it was like an Exit/In kinda place without all the frills.  I believe it was an old grain mill or something that they put a stage in and started chargin cover.  This was one of those places that you could pee in the corner, and no one would know.  Remembering that, I wonder why this place is on this list.

Dancin’ in the District
Died in 2006.  After 13 years of holding weekly concerts in Riverfront Park (always priced under $10) it ended much like Riverstages.  Thursday nights still aren’t the same without this event.  Oh, and most of the time the concerts didn’t suck either.  

Vandyland Restaurant
Died in 2006.  After 78 years, Vandyland (Formally Candyland) was one of the few Nashville diner’s left.  It was a cool little hangout, the food was good, and they never served fries.  Weird no?

Nashville Kats
Died in 2001 & 2007.  Where else can you watch a fast paced football game from a hot tub with a few girls in bikinis.  They tried every kind of wacky promotion to get people in the seats to what turned out to be a pretty fun version of football.  Scores like 75-53 weren’t all that uncommon.  If you miss this kind of football, check out MTV2’s Lingerie Football.  It's quite the show.

Riverstages died after 2006.  This festival had a 10 year run and featured concerts from every category on the CD racks, with the exception of country.  3 days, 5 stages, and hundreds of acts rockin’ the riverfront the first weekend of May is sadly no more.  It was like Bonnaroo, but smaller, and on a river….with less hippies.

Planet Hollywood Nashville
Died in 2001.  Just a few months after the wonderland called Nascar Café closed, so did Planted Hollywood.  This Nashville gem only lasted about 5 years (Remember Arnold & Bruce Willis parading down Broadway during their opening?)  Who didn’t love all the Hollywood props hanging all over the place, too bad the food was horrible.  If you still love Hollywood props check out this new show.

*Honorable Mention*
Nashville’s Red Light Districts
About 2005 Nashville police started enforcing a “3 foot law” that was always in existence, and Nashville’s “Red Light” businesses started drying up.  Some called it, “When Sex was Outlawed in Nashville.”  It wasn’t long ago that 8th Avenue (And what is now the Gultch area) was littered with everything from Strip Clubs and questionable massage type parlors.  If you want to see this kinda stuff, I hear they’re now doing Naked Karaoke in Printers Alley.  Strange.

*Coming Soon*
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