email reminder

You know, when I came into the station today, I knew I wanted to tell you about something.  But I couldn't remember what it was.  I was a really cool idea that was floating around in my head, but I just couldn’t remember,...until I saw this email from our web guy.  Let’s call him “Dino” so he can still claim some dignity after this.  He emailed us to let us know he wasn’t feeling so well.  Just so you are up to speed on this, here's the actual email....,

“Hello everyone,
I am going to start this day working at home and try to come in later. Shortly after eating a Truck Stop burrito late yesterday on the return trip from Knoxville, I experienced an explosive situation rivaled only by a Riverfront 4th of July. The show has been rockin' all night and continues this morning. “

Wow, that was a lot grosser than I thought.  Sorry about that.  Anyhow, it totally reminded me to tell you we're working on a JACK-fm 4th of July Fireworks Safety Video.  Watch for it soon.  Oh, and we hope “Dino” feels better soon.  

Talk to you soon, I've gotta go play with sparklers.

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