An Extra Hour

Tunr your clocks back an hour or you'll miss the 1st hour of something on Sunday.

What are you going to do with your extra hour this weekend?  Yep, daylight savings time ends.  If you don’t know what daylight savings time is, join the club.  Some people don’t. (Some people don't even observe it).  Still, while it's probably not the most important thing in the world, it's gonna happen this Saturday night (officially Sunday morning at 2am). If you have an idea, be sure to post it below.

Here's a few ideas what to do with that extra 60 minutes...

Volunteer at the Rescue Mission It'll make you feel good.

Play “Nashville Tourist” around town & remember to tip the street musicians.

Practice speaking in a new, yet undefined accent that you just made up.

Play a perticularly violent video game, with your mom.

Reorganize your CD collection, this time by year.

Learn magic, Chriss Angel style.  Chicks dig it!

Hold a Milk Gallon Challenge or try to pull off the Cinnamon Challenge

Pick up the phone, dial #67 and Crank Call people

Make a viral video with nothing but a camera and a bowl of alphabet soup

Build the most awesome Hot Wheels racetrack...ever

Make your own Backyard Roller Coaster from scraps around the house.

Watch the Wizard of Oz while listening to the Darkside of the Moon, sober.