Flamboyant Frontman Day

Have you heard, it’s Flamboyant Frontman Day.  Well, it’s really not a "real" holiday…yet.  It seems like it should be though.  Just check out todays Birthday calendar, it really, really should be.  Happy Birthday to all the lead singers on Flamboyant Frontman Day.



Bret Michaels – Poison.  He’s 50 today.  He was just fired by Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice.  Did you know, Michaels has a line of pet clothing and accessories called Pets Rock.







Dee Snider – Twisted Sister.  He’s 57 today.  He’s also a favorite of the PMRC.  Did you know Dee was a DJ?  He hosted a morning radio show on Radio 104 in Hartford, Connecticut.





Mike Love – Beach Boys. He’s 72 today.  Co-lead singer with David Wilson.  Did you know, he was actually the first saxophonist for the band when it was called the Pendletones.






Mark McGrath – Sugar Ray.  He’s 44 today.  He also co-hosts Entertainment show Xtra.  Did you know, Mark  was almost Dex Lawson on Charmed, but couldn’t do it because of scheduling conflicts.







Sly Stone – Sly and The Family Stone.  He’s 69 today.  He’s also a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Did you know, Sly got his nickname because his fellow 3rd Grade classmates couldn’t spell his first name Sylvester correctly.