Follow Me to Bikes or Bust

Follow Me to Bikes or Bust

Yes, I’m actually going to ride into Bikes or Bust this Friday morning.  So, if you want to know where it is, just follow me.  Hopefully, I’m prepared for the ride, I have spend the last two weeks at the gym (Three days total).  So, you might want to follow me just to make sure I make it.  Still, it’s all for the kids.  All weekend we’ll be taking your new bicycle and cash donations for Toys for Tots.  Our goal is 1,200 bikes, so we really need your help. 

So, around 7am, I’ll be taking my grey goose and riding from our sponsor Beaman Automotive on Broadway to Bikes or Bust in the parking lot of Cool Springs Galleria. Wish me luck!

I better go take a nap…


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wow..that's great..thanks for

wow..that's great..thanks for showing us the route..i wish you good luck..thanks for the blog..