French Maids make me nervous!

French Maids make me nervous!

Today we are shooting a video with the Hardees French Maids. These are the maids you've seen on TV all over the place!like the All-Star Game and such. They're coming in to promote the new Hardees French Burger. Apparently it's a sexy French burger.

Ok, so here's how this went down. Around 2pm today, I had to straightening things up around the JACK-fm studio (yep, another daily task) to shoot the video. In come four dames dressed like French Maids. Um, they were pretty. Wee Wee! (I think one of them had a feather duster too) The video we shot should be pretty funny. I had the hard task of ogling at these nice ladies. (Tough job I know) They were actually pretty cool and totally put up with me looking at them all weird and stuff.

I posted some pics in the picture section on the website. Gabrielle, Antoinette, Sophie and Isabelle thanks for stopping by, we had a blast!.oh, and if you ever come back to town I'll take you out for a milkshake at the Elliston Place Soda Shop. Bonsior!

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