Friday Bloody Friday

View from the "broadcast" area during Bloodstock 09

This whole Bloodstock 09 thing is a trip. JACK-fm listeners have been coming out to donate their "life juice" for American Red Cross here all day. Here are some things overheard today!.

1. "I like to get poked!and I liked it!"
2. (singing) "Hot Blooded, Check it and see!.."
3. "These cookies are the best man!.can I take some home?"
4. "This is my first time, is it going to hurt?"
5. "JACK-fm sucks!.blood, HA!"
6. "I wish Moose would realize that he isn't wearing dark sunglasses, we can totally see his eyes everywhere he looks."
7. "Can you help me rip the sleeves off this JACK t-shirt"
8. "What does it mean when evevvvything get reallllly whooooossseee!whoaaaaaaaaaa!."

Talk to ya soon!