The meet every JACK-fm listener.

The banner as it rests in its temporary home in the 2nd floor kitchen.  It will later rest in the JACK-fm Studio portion of the Smithsonian.

OK, I’m back to work after the Moose Meets Every Listener Tour ended over the weekend. If you are wondering, “What’s a Moose Meets Every Listener Tour?”  Here’s the skinny.  A little over a month ago my boss told me to “go & meet every JACK-fm listener.”  He gave me the keys to JACK’s really big ice cream truck, and a bunch of Blue Bell Ice Cream.  From July 1st thru 31st (between 11am & Noon) I was on a mission to meet everyone who listens. Here are some of the stats from the month.

4,009 – (Estimated) Number of listeners' hands I shook.
3,956 – (Estimated) Number of signatures on banner (See Picture)
3,891 – Number of Free Blue Bell Samples given away
1,167 – Travel miles logged.
1,051 – People who texted in to win an iPad.
680 – (Estimated) Number of funny looks I got. Could have been more...
136 – Times I was called “Louis” after introducing myself as Moose.
45 – Number of times I nearly took out a mailbox with the ice cream truck.
14 – Kids I made cry just by my sheer Ogre-Like size.
4 – Days the ice cream truck was out of commission.
3 – Number of times I was called a JACK-fm Ass (??)
1 – Number of times the ice cream truck broke down (JACK truck used instead)
1 – Number of ties I lost.
1 – Winner of an iPad

It was awesome to meet everyone this past month, and if you I haven’t met you yet go ahead and stop by the station anytime...I'd love to meet ya.  Make sure to autograph the banner, too. 

Congrats to Drake Balcom of Nashville who won a new iPad from JACK-fm.

Gotta run, I’m told there’s a “slight problem” in the bathroom.

BTW...there's a video of all the travels this month coming soon.