The Great Gatsby in the Trailer Park

Who is the Great Gatsby?  I have no idea.  After watching the trailer I get that the movie is set in the “Roaring 20s” and there is this mysterious guy named Gatsby. 

My take; he’s “that guy” in the neighborhood.  All the kids have stories about him sleeping upside-down like a bat.  Then parents add fuel to the fire with rumors of his meth garden and tennis shoe sweatshops in the basement. The Nashville Girly Book Club might disagree, but I’m sure it’s totally like that. 

Anyhow, I give it 2 pink flamingos out of 5.


5 Pink Flamingos – AWESOME!  Hafta see it in theaters.

4 Pink Flamingos – Pretty Sweet!  It’s your dime

3 Pink Flamingos – Good, but wait for the DVD

2 Pink Flamingos – Meh, let someone rent the DVD for you.

1 Pink Flamingo – Go outside and rethink your choice in movies