Grown Ups 2 in the Trailer Park

Grown Ups 2 in the Trailer Park

Grown Ups 1 was pretty funny.  In fact, many of my friend say, that it was the funniest Adam Sandler movie since The Waterboy.  Missing is Rob Schneider and his creepy old girlfriend, but watch for one of my favorite former SNL cast members to make an appearance.  Cheri Oteri we miss you.  

Anyhow, it looks like it might be pretty funny, but if you really want a laugh you might want to watch Sharknado.


5 Pink Flamingos – AWESOME!  Must see in theaters

4 Pink Flamingos – Pretty Sweet, but it’s your dime

3 Pink Flamingos – Good, but I’d wait for the DVD

2 Pink Flamingos – Meh, let someone rent the DVD for you

1 Pink Flamingo – Go outside and rethink your movie choices