Halloween Costumes That Don't Suck

Well, Trick or Treat & smell my feet, it’s Halloween.  All the Candy, Costumes, Parties, Haunted Houses, make this one killer holiday.  Here’s my two cents on stuff to do around All Hallows Eve and to class it up I’m calling it my “7 blogs of Halloween”.

OK, tonight is JACK-fm’s annual Halloween Bash at the Wildhorse.  Yes, good times will be had by all.  You should come out; we’ll have the band Rubik’s Groove playing the 80’s tunes, and have a massive costume contest.  I think first place will win $500 bucks.  

So, what are you going to dress up as?  Stuck for ideas?  Well, here are a couple of ideas that were inspired by events from the past year.  

Big Bird – For some reason he’s getting a lot of press lately...

Binders of Women - A Halloween twist on this catch phrase of the week

Felix Baumgartner – He jumped from space

Jesus Fresco – Do your best rendering of the re-rendering of the famous painting.

Honey Boo Boo – We might see a lot of her this Halloween.  Pun intended.

Lincoln – any variation will do.  This dude has been dead almost 150 years and he’s everywhere.  

Naked Prince Harry – You don’t need much for this one.

Pregnant Snooki – This way you’ll get more milege from last years Snooki costume.

PSY – Dress up at this Korean Pop Star before his 15 minutes are up.

Unemployed Replacement Referee – They were employed but now they aren’t

Un-impressed McKayla Maroney – Another unforgettable moment from the Summer Olympics

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