Happy Belated Birthday to Abe Lincoln

It’s simple, Lincoln was awesome.  OK, I was all caught up in the Fat Tuesday hype, catching beads, eating King Cake and I missed that is was Abe Lincoln Birthday yesterday.  Actually, I was in a couple of radio meetings, but that sounded way too boring.  

Anyhow, was Honest Abe one of the first bad-ass dudes in history or what?  He’s more popular now than Chuck Norris.  (Who would win that fight?)  Hollywood loves him right now.  He has over 100 movies in which he appears, including recent masterpieces,  Lincoln  and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  He has a US Military Ships named after him, a sweet memorial in DC, his face in on a mountain in South Dakota, and he wrote the Gettysburg address. 

Here are some little known facts about Abraham Lincoln:
-Did you know he was the first president to sport a beard?  True
-Apparently Abe and JFK have several eerie similarities…Strange but true
-After his assassination, his body was almost stolen…True
-He could totally shred on the electric guitar!  Not-True
-But he was actually pretty wicked with an axe…True
-He has a brand of automobiles named after him…True
-He also gathered all the silver in D.C. to melt into bullets, thus winning the battle against Vampires and putting an end the Civil War…Yeah Right!

Alright, I gotta run.  Another piece of Abe history is right here in Nashville.  Check out the Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln signed now until Feb 18th at the Tennessee State Museum.


BTW - This is a totally true story about  Lincoln too.

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