Happy Birthday Haddaway

Who the heck is Haddaway? 

Well, his real name is Nester Haddaway and he’s best described as a Trinidadian-German singer.  Oh, and you might know is hit song from '93 called, “What is Love?”  If it weren’t for Haddaway, we wouldn’t have the Butabi brothers from Saturday Night Live (Will Ferrell/Chris Kattan) or the genius movie, A Night at the Roxbury.  

So, Happy 48th Birthday Haddaway!

Roxbury guys (What is Love?) [HQ] from Viktoras Štanga on Vimeo.


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First of all Good day! I

First of all Good day! I would just like to give thanks to the admin who posted this one I really appreciate it thank you.
Yeah right I totally agree with you! If it weren’t for Haddaway, we wouldn’t have the Butabi brothers from Saturday Night Live (Will Ferrell/Chris Kattan) or the genius movie, A Night at the Roxbury. Keep up the good work and Godbless!
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Happy Birthday Haddaway

Nice Post

i heard the song what is love

i heard the song what is love once, i like it.so hadaway deserves to have a birthday bash for having this song.

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