Happy Birthday to us...

Happy Birthday to us...

Happy Birthday to JACK-fm...yesterday.  Yep, we missed it.  With all the Stick-Up craziness going on yesterday, we totally forgot about our birthday.  Who forgets their own birthday?  

Still, it was May 12, 2005 when JACK-fm went on the air for the first time in Nashville.   (What was the first song JACK-fm played on the air?  P!nk’s – Get the Party Started)  It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 6 years of playing what we want.

Just like major historical events (Buckwheat’s Assassination, the announcement of Seinfeld’s final season, the first time you saw a Smart Car), I’m sure you remember where you were when JACK-fm came on the air.  I totally do!  I was actually working for another radio station in town, and the rumor came down that 96.3 was changing formats.  We tuned in, and sure enough it would be the first time I heard that JACK-fm voice that would be my near future.  Yes, a truely lame story I know, I’m sure your stories are much more interesting.  So...Where were you when you first heard JACK-fm on the air?

BTW - If I don't mention JACK's Birthday Bash, I'd really, really look stoopid

See ya there.