Has Steven Tyler ruined Aerosmith?

Dude looks like a lady...

OK, if you haven't heard by now Steven Tyler has quit Aerosmith. Crazy, I know. The last time we had seen or heard from him was this picture from a liquor store in Pembroke, Mass looking like an old lady. Still Joe Perry of Aerosmith is saying that the band will find a new lead singer and get back on the road.

Will this work? If I'm thinking right, there are only a handful of bands that have survived a replacement lead singer. Bands like AC/DC & Pink Floyd have successfully replaced their lead singer to great or greater success than before. Otherwise there are a couple bands that did "alright" with new lead singers such as!Bad Company, Styx, Journey, Van Halen, & Black Sabbath!but they were never the same.

If Aerosmith got a new lead singer who would be able to pull it off?

And if they did get a new lead singer, would anyone go see them?

Who knows!

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ok...I guess Tyler isn't leaving

Apparently last night in NYC Steven joined Joe Perry on stage for a tune and announced that he isn't leaving the band. Check it out for yourself. TMZ was also there with their cameras.

Didn't Joe Perry start these rumors? I dunno, I kinda think there is some kinda tention between the two, but that's just me.