Birthdays RULE!  If you’re B-Day is this week, let me be the first to wish you a pretty great one.  The good thing about Birthdays are that you get older, wiser and there's cake...and if  you’re lucky, ice cream. 

It's always cool to see who else celebrates their Birthday the same time you do, so here you go...

Lenny Kravitz – He sang It Ain't Over 'til It's Over &  Are you gonna go my way.. Suprised everyone when he showed up in The Hunger Games.

Hank JR – Hank Sr.’s kid and country nusic bad ass.  He used to sing the Monday Night Football Theme.

Stevie Nicks – Pretty awesome singer who’s rumored to have slept with every member of Fleetwood Mac.  Crazy huh?  

Christopher Lee – Back in the Day he was Dracula, today he’s  Count Dooku

John Fogerty – Musician.  Lead singer of CCR and frequently sees A Bad Moon Rising

Kylie Minogue – Kicked Breast Cancers Ass and sings songs like The Loco-Motion & Can’t Get You Outta My Head.

Lisa Welchel – Blair from the Facts of Life and recently a Survivor contestent. 

Marie Fredriksson - She's the girl from Roxette and sings It Must Have Been Love really good.  

Trey Parker – Co-creater of South Park.  Watch his best work in the movie Baseketball.

Wynonna – Country Music Diva and just missed winning the Disco Ball Trophy on Dancing with the Stars.

Clint Eastwood – One bad Man, don’t you think? Punk!

HBD!  ^^oo^^