HBD Y'all

HBD Y'all

If you’re birthday is this week, let me wish you a happy birthday and such.  Birthdays are pretty sweet.  Yes, you’re getting older but more than likely you’re getting cake…and if you’re lucky, ice cream. 

Other people you might have heard about are having a birthday too. 

Morgan Freeman 76 – Movie Star.  He’s never made a bad movie.  Well besides this one.  

Alanis Morissette 39 – Angst Singer.  You Oughta Know she’s a huge fan of breastfeeding

Pat Boone 79 – Godly Singer.  He’s been known to be In A Metal Mood

Dana Carvey 58 – Garth Algar.  Rumor is, he might move back to Aurora, IL soon.  

Dr. Ruth 85 – Sexologist.  She once hung out with Ozzy Osbourne.  

Marky Mark 41 – Now a Movie BadAss. He once almost killed Andy Sandburg. 

Kenny G 57 - He Blows…Horns.  He’s also  Katy Perry’s uncle.  

Prince 55 – Rockstar/YouTube hater.  Once called himself an unpronounceable symbol, later known as Love Symbol #2. At least is got him on this list.  

Bill Hader 35 – SNL Comedian.  My favorite character of his is Dave McLean in Hot Rod.


HBD!  ^^oo^^