Help find Moose’s Pooches a New Home

OK, I have a confession to make….I love Doggies.  I really do. And doggies love me!  But unfortunatly there are a lot of pups out there that could use a great place to call home.  And that's where I hope to come in. 

Why am I doing this?  Well recently, my girlfriend and I were driving along and little puppy jumped out of nowhere, raced across the street right in front of us.  Fortunately we missed hitting the pup, but we did stop by the side of the road to see if it had tags or anything.  It had a collar but no tags (Looked like they were broken off)  It was definitely taken care of, but there was no way to know who the owner was.  

So, after combing the nearby neighborhood for hours, I called the nearest no kill shelter to see if I could get any help getting this pooch reunited with its owner.  I left a description of the dog at the front desk of A New Leash on Life in hopes the owner would call, looking to see if anyone found his or her lost dog.  

Sure enough, a couple days later New Leash called back saying they’d just got a call from who they think might be the dog’s owner.  It sure was.  It happened to be a disabled Veteran from two towns away looking for his pooch.   

After that reunion, I thought this would be the best thing I could do with some extra time.  Giving dogs a new home.  And thankfully, I found a great place that helps gives pups “A New Leash on Life”.  HA!  This place really is great, and as a bonus they are one of JACK-fm’s 18 listeners as well.  

So, be watching soon for Moose’s Pooches.  Every week I'll be posting up pictures & videos of dogs that you, or maybe someone you know,  might want to add to the family.  So If you can, help a pup find a new home this year.

I better go, I have to practice my "talking to my doggie like a big baby" voice...